Sustain Improves Soil Herbicide

Sustain is a natural soil deposition adjuvant. It was initially developed in the Industrial Vegetation market with soil applied herbicides to retard leaching, volatilization and off site movement. Over the past 10 years Miller has continued to develop its use with specific herbicides in agricultural markets with excellent results.




Trifluralin Trial South Africa

Trials were conducted in the Western Cape of South Africa to determine the residual effect Sustain on soil applied herbicide Trifluralin. The products evaluated were Crew (330 g/l) and Trifluralin (480 g/l). From the table below it is clear that Sustain had a dramatic increase in the mg/kg of active ingredient deposited and retained under local conditions. Trifluralin and Crew on their own had similar loss of product by evaporation, leaching and UV damage.