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  • Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC Continues Producing to Support Agricultural Needs.

    As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) reports and projections are changing daily, Miller is taking precautions to protect our employees, their families, and our community while also working to meet the needs of our customers in the agriculture industry. We do not currently foresee any disruption to our production or business operations. Read More
  • Miller Represented at NC Winter Vegetable Conference

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  • Micronutrient Offerings Recent Focus in Crop Life article

    A dozen micronutrient manufacturers were recently surveyed with respect to the state of the micronutrient industry. One of those individuals was Miller's VP Domestic Sales, Randy Edwards. 

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MILLER SUSTAIN is a proprietary adjuvant designed to deposit and retain soil applied herbicides in the weed germinating root zone. This video depicts how Sustain is being used in one area of South Africa to enhance pre emerge herbicides in corn.

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  • One of the first commercial uses involving Nu Film®  was a joint project with the United States Department of Agriculture and US Forest Service in 1968. Nu Film was combined with Carbaryl to improve control of gypsy moth.

  • Miller has been in the plant nutrition business since 1956. The brand name Nutri-Leaf® was first introduced in 1958 and is recognized in over 50 foreign countries.

  • EXIT® was added to the 2001 DuPont Approved Herbicide Adjuvant list in the modified oil category. It was one of the first adjuvants specifically designed for combinations of oil and water soluble pesticides in spray tanks.